Jin Conception Switch Patch Notes 1.0 - Release Date: 6/11/2021

1. Fixed glitch entering Levi's bedroom at night which spoiled some of the story and can cause a duplicate party member later on.
2. Added hint system. One can press X on Switch to show a hint on what to do/where to go. Hints can provide additional help if clues are not enough but sometimes the hints are not as good/useful as the clues. Clues can be easily missed in a cutscene or forgotten but the hints can be replayed as many times as one wants. The story section can sometimes mention the clue again in case one forgets.
3. Fixed memory leak that is caused by entire party dying repeatedly. This can cause random crashes.
4. Sometimes the battle system can change from turn based to active time and can kick one out of the battle menu making it feel like a hybrid battle system. This is no longer the case. The battle system should be turn based. Edit: There is a condition in the game where the battle system can switch to active time and kick one out of the menu. This will be kept as a feature since it makes certain battles easier.
5. The locked door at Center Layer nighttime can now be entered.
6. A message on Switch is displayed of correct vote and find the reward when one gets correct vote at the very end.
7. Fixed crash when running away from battle when all enemies are dying and/or are dead.
8. Lava Temple and Tech facility bosses can no longer be skipped.
9. Underrated Vest now equips in torso slot.
10. Fixed crash for Crown Lord when body was killed and head is attacked.
11. Added extra clue for chaper 15.
12. Fixed some stuck collision in fairy village nighttime.
13. Added story hook at start of game.
14. Added help and controls in the title screen.
15. Autosave now replaces the latest save slot instead of inserting a save slot. This prevents unnecessary waste of save slots and is intended to resolve the issue with corrupted saves.
16. NPC now says "Waiting in battle by pressing the B button can be used to queue up teammates for a double or triple jin tech."
17. Characters in chapter 41 did not retain their levels and was reset to the default, now that is fixed. If one is pass chapter 17 before the patch is installed then the save slot is poisoned and contains the characters with reset level. One will need to start a new game or load a save slot before this chapter.
18. Fixed incorrect spelling of the words: "malicious", "going", "decide", "electricity", "Unnamed", "traveling", "time to time".
19. Fixed foxy being stuck in fairy village entrance and dojo entrance.
20. Nerfed boss 1 vs 1 duel at Secret Layer nighttime.
21. Nerfed boss 3 vs 2 at Demon Hideout.
22. Added a clue for Levi at start of game.
23. Fixed collision stuck in Fairy Village for Daisy's past.
24. Prevent foxy transforming into Fox in Daisy's past, can cause an extra party member to appear and eventually cause a crash. foxy transforming to Fox now will occur before certain cutscenes where Fox needs to be present.
25. Fixed collision stuck after battling a box beast in Demon Hideout.
26. Fixed foxy and Fox in tavern for the quest at tavern nighttime.
27. Fixed invisible charity person in Levi's dream.
28. Grass Boots now equip as shoes.
29. Replaced T item with something else. If T item already exists in inventory, one can just sell it.
30. Fox cannot transform on overworld map.
31. Updated Power Cut Description and guardian descriptions to have better descriptions.
32. Added a bunch of missing commas in the dialogue.
33. Fixed crash related to vanishing character after battle and Leviagon attack causing a crash at a certain point in the story.
34. Fixed issue of jumping around between saves causing tech facility rooms to not have correct power.
35. Fixed Clown Mirror dying and sometimes causing crash.
36. Drowsy spores sleep affliction duration is now two turns but the balance is no longer reset.
37. Lava Temple entrance collision is adjusted even though it only affected one person on PC.
38. Fixed four corners game so it rewards the player when the game is won. The reward has been changed.
39. A couple minor visual artifacts in Fairy Village have been fixed.
40. Fixed small typo in Lucky Loafers description.
41. Glass Helmet now equips in the head/hat slot.

Important: Some of these fixes prevent one from causing a crash but does not fix a poisoned save slot. For example, a crash is caused if foxy transforms into Daisy's past and reaches a certain point in the story. The patch only prevents one from transforming foxy in Daisy's past but does not handle the case if foxy is already transformed. In this case one needs to load a save slot before foxy transforms and continue the game from there.

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