Jin Conception Riddle

Levi Jen Trent Daisy Max
Keith Fox Gavin Slevi foxy

blank grey image

1. The objective is to figure out who is foe. Select characters on the bottom two rows to be placed in the grid.
2. There is no drag and drop. A selected character will automatically be placed in the next available slot.
3. There can be between zero to five foe(s).
4. When a row in the grid is checked, it will show the number of foe(s) in that row in the first column.
5. When a row in the grid is checked, the row will be locked and cannot be modified
6. In the end, if all the foe(s) and only the foe(s) are identified in a row, the row will display a Nij icon next to the number in the first column. This means you solved the riddle.
7. In the end, only the foe(s) will be shown in the the two bottom rows where the characters are selected.
8. A clue at the top is provided to figure out who is foe.
9. Hint: Fox and foxy are the same allegiance.
10. Character names are as follows:
Top row left to right: Levi, Jen, Trent, Daisy, Max.
Bottom row left to right: Keith, Fox, Gavin, Slevi, foxy.

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