Jin Conception Combat Guide

This guide explains some of the combat and strategies in Jin Conception. NPC in the game provide some tips/strategies and each Jin tech has a description that can be read in the Jin techs section in the player menu. The Jin tech descriptions can also be read during combat when one hovers over the Jin tech in the battle menu.
There are eight known Jin types that are available for playable characters in Jin Conception. They are: Transformer, Defender, Caster, Amplifier, Adapter, Crafter, Controller and Weaver. To perform a double or triple tech, the participating party members need to have recovered balance. When a party member recovers balance everyone's balance bar, including enemies, will be paused. To wait in battle to queue up teammates for a double/triple Jin tech one can press the Z key on PC or B button on Switch. When more than one party member has balance recovered, one can cycle through which party member to act with the arrow buttons when in the battle menu that displays Attack, Jin, Items, and Status options. Buffs and afflictions can be stacked with each other. When coming up with strategies think of how the buffs and afflictions can work together to be more effective.

1. Levi - Human - Transformer
Transformers have at least one Jin tech that allows them to transform into a monster/creature. Leviagon is a dragon like monster that Levi can transform into which increases his speed, health, JP and attack. In this form, Leviagon cannot use other Jin techs unless he reverts to his human form. Using Leviagon is a double edge sword in that it gives Levi less combat flexibility. Leviagon can be useful in certain situations where Levi needs to act like a tank against a heavy hitter in order to use healing items on allies. There are some strategies where Jen's Empower and Haste with Leviagon can be useful in getting more damage output in a certain time frame. Another strategy for Levi will be to have Levi not transform into Leviagon but use Obliterate. To use Obliterate effectively have Levi wait (Z key on PC or B button on Switch) until an enemy moves before performing an attack. This will ensure that the balance of the victim is less than half and will cause the victim to get double damage. Jen's Empower and Levi's Obliterate timed appropriately can do a lot of damage to a victim.

2. Jen - Fairy - Defender
Defenders have a lot of Jin techs that can support party members. One can increase the power of Jen's Cure by increasing her Jin offense with Jin Pills. One can also gain two Jin offense points every time one levels up. Purchase certain equipment that boosts Jin offense and have Jen equip it to make her Cure more effective. Heal can be used to remove annoying afflictions such as Curse, Anorexia or Jin Lock. Other less harmful afflictions like shock, burn, shiver, poison, etc can be ignored most of the time for Jen to use higher priority Jin techs. Empower and Haste are two of Jen's most useful Jin techs in helping her allies output more damage in a short amount of time. Protect is useful against heavy hitters or when one is trying to keep a certain party member alive for a little longer. Fat Cat does triple damage if victim has less than half health. In order to utilize Fat Cat, one needs to have a good idea of how much health an enemy/boss has. For normal enemies this can be done by keeping track of the damage output and the next time the enemy is encountered then one can figure out if the enemy has less than half health. Fat Cat is Jen's only attack that uses Jin offense.

3. Trent - Demi-Human - Caster
Casters have a variety of Jin techs that can give afflictions to the victim(s). Curse is a must use against enemies that can heal health. Slow is one of Trent's best Jin techs to use against long term boss fights. If Levi, Jen and Trent are together in a party one can have Trent cast Slow on the enemy, have Jen Haste all her allies and have Levi use Flash Trap (deaf affliction lowers speed) on the enemy. This will cause Levi, Jen and Trent's balance to move significantly faster than the enemy. Inferno is like Flare with the exception that Inferno hits all enemies and uses more JP whereas Flare just hits one enemy. Inferno and Flare give Burn affliction. Burn affliction adds one of the following random afflictions each turn: shock, poison, shiver. At the start of battle against a normal single enemy, Trent can use Coma to output extra damage to win the battle quickly. Having Jen use Empower on Trent before Trent uses Coma when there are no afflictions on the victim is effective. This strategy is nicely paired with an empowered Leviagon since Leviagon's normal attack does not dish out afflictions.

4. Daisy - Angel - Amplifier
Amplifiers are balanced and have Jin techs that can handle a variety of situations. Weaken can be used in many situations and is effective against heavy hitters. Deliverance is a good way to heal self and allies. When Daisy or her allies get hit with annoying afflictions, Deliverance should be used. Daisy's Revelation is a good way to stack damage based on afflictions. If Daisy needs to stack afflictions Judgement, Weaken, and Daisy's normal attack (Shock affliction) are a good starting point, but it becomes extremely effective if Max can quickly stack afflictions with Transmute followed by a regular attack.

5. Max - Demon - Adapter
Adapters have some Jin techs that can only be used on self. In exchange for this drawback, Adapters are difficult to counter and some of their Jin techs are powerful. One long term strategy that Max can use to output a lot of damage is to have Max use Transmute which will cause Max's normal attack to give four afflictions to a victim. Max can then use Rock Impale which stacks damage output based on number of afflictions and buffs. Daisy's Revelation also can stack damage based on afflictions. Max's Regenerate, Rejuvenate, Reset and Insomnia means Max will not have problems with afflictions (except Jin Lock) and recovering HP and JP.

6. Keith - Wood Elf - Crafter
Crafters have a lot of Jin techs that can lay traps. Traps can be used for strategic purposes to delay attacks for later. A trap is triggered when a victim recovers balance. Crafters cannot buff/heal themselves or allies using Jin techs so they need to act quick to overwhelm and defeat their opponent(s). Sleeping Gas will put the victim to sleep and then follow it by Nightmare can cause the victim to get triple damage. Shock Trap will give sensitive affliction and then follow it with Bear Trap will cause the victim to get quadruple damage (double damage from Bear Trap if no buffs and double damage from sensitive affliction). If the victim has a buff, Keith can use Cancel in order to make Bear Trap effective. For enemies that are fast and/or use physical attacks, Keith can counter them by using Net Trap followed by Flash Trap or vice versa depending on if blind or lowering speed is higher priority.

7. Gavin - Cyborg - Controller
Controllers can give buffs to their weapons that last the entire battle even if the controller dies. This makes controllers favorable in long term battles. One strategy for Gavin to output high damage would be to have Gavin use Magnetic Pulse and then Obliterate timed appropriately. This should be able to do quadruple damage on a victim. For long term fights Gavin also has the option to Lace Shiver and Lace Drain. A good counter to Controllers that use Jin techs such as Lace Shiver and Lace Drain would be blind affliction. Blind affliction will cause Gavin to sometimes miss when they use their normal attack.

8. Fox - Vampire - Weaver
Weavers can summon guardians in battle. These guardians cannot be harmed but they don't stick around forever, and they cost a lot of JP. In addition to this, guardians usually only heal/protect their master assuming the guardian is a Defender Jin type. Fox's Drowsy spores is effective when they are more awake enemies then awake/alive allies. Hero Guardian is a good counter against enemies that use a lot of traps. Plant Guardian is good to counter enemies that heal health and/or are heavy hitters. Use Eye Guardian if total output damage is highest priority. Sip of Life is one Fox's best Jin techs and should be used when an ally is dead or dying. It can also be used on self. If a victim has at least one affliction, then Fox can use Venus Fly Trap to do double damage. If the victim has no afflictions Fox can give an affliction to the victim using Poison Ivy in order to make Venus Fly Trap effective.

Extra Tips:
1. Insomnia is useful against Drowsy Spores or Sleeping Gas. If an enemy is spamming Sleeping Gas or Drowsy Spores, Insomnia is a good counter against it. Insomnia can prevent sleep affliction and it can also wake up party members that are asleep.
2. Double and triple Jin techs do extra damage. Freeze Care, Blood Curse, Wind Break, and Power Cut can one shot multiple enemies in Northern Forest.
3. Poison affliction can counter enemies with high defense or high resistance/Jin defense. Victim's that are poisoned lose health each turn based on a combination of defense and resistance/Jin Defense.
4. Against most enemies it is best to assume they have a glass cannon build and try to maximize high damage output to end the battle quickly.
5. Default/normal attacks use the Attack stat and Jin techs use the Jin offense stat.
6. Some enemies may have high Defense or high Jin defense/Resistance but not both. Testing normal attacks and Jin techs on a newly encountered enemy is advised to figure out the best way to maximize damage output.
7. When a party member is alone one should avoid monster encounters or run away from battle if it seems like the monsters are too strong. An example of this is when Levi wakes up alone at the start of the game.
8. Some enemies/bosses may do more damage when victim's health is above 50 percent. In this case it may be better to not heal party members.
9. Blind affliction will cause physical attacks to miss. All eight playable characters normal/default attacks are physical attacks. So blind affliction can be effective against playable characters.
10. Some enemies are tricky, and it is better to wait to see what the enemy does before attacking it.
11. Intentionally letting a party member die in battle can be used for strategic purposes such as resetting the party member's afflictions. This is useful in situations when a party member is overwhelmed with afflictions and there is no easy way to remove the afflictions.
12. During a boss fight with multiple enemies, it is usually better to focus fire on one of them to kill it as quickly as possible to make the battle easier.
13. Shock Rend can be used to counter fast enemies.
14. Wind Break can counter large groups of enemies with high resistance/defense and/or have a lot of buffs.
15. Power Cut is effective to output high damage. After Power Cut, empowered Levi's Obliterate timed appropriately can do a lot of damage when victim has sensitive affliction.
16. Freeze Care not only can be used to do high damage to multiple enemies, but it can also revive dead party members and heal health. This is better than using a Jin Feather since a Jin Feather only revives a single party member to one health.
17. Stock up on a lot of health potions and Jin potions. Outside of battle it is cheaper to heal health and Jin points using these two items.
18. Fish Gills allow one to breath underwater.
19. It is possible to beat Jin Conception without grinding.

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